I’m here, I’m from there”

Our aim is to create a social meeting ground through the art of drama classes, rather than chasing an aesthetic result. Theatre and drama enable us to grasp reality, and at the same time transform it by establishing a diagonal relationship between man and his surroundings.

The purpose of our project is to promote the integration of people through the art of drama classes, and by writing a simple script that will have the central theme of Latin Americans and Immigration. In doing so, we will create a platform through which people can interact and express their dramatic talent and share their experiences of being an immigrant in the UK with the Spanish speaking community, as well as anyone interested in our theme and culture.

All the performances, workshops, classes and activities are absolutely free of charge.

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The project is being funded by the National Lottery through ‘Awards for All’, which is a Lottery grants scheme for local communities to promote education, the environment and health.