About Tierra Theatre Company´s origin

The word ‘tierra’ has a variety of connotations: geographical, astronomical, cultural and work related and they are all brought to mind every time we use it.
However, whenever we talk about ‘nuestra tierra’, undoubtedly what we are referring to is our identity, our history and our language. Every time we say it we are alluding to where we come from and our landscape and we also remember that we are part or an inssoluble unit which binds us to our environment.

In Tierra Theatre we do not do science, but art: our activity does not solve questions about our specific and existentialist problems.

However, through theatre we create an atmosphere where we develop ourselves through thinking, learning and aesthetic enjoyment. We build questions which multiply and diversify when receiving the spectators’ sight.

We create and share our characters’ passion through the bodies and voices of our actors and actresses which reminds us of our passion for our land, loved-ones, ideology, truth and freedom.

Thanks to Tierra Theatre, Latin-American and Spanish voices draw together in a unique one: the voice of the contemporary human being with its different faces.

We meet in London to form an artistic production team that covers the richness of the Spanish language richness in its various touches, cultures and traditions.

We think that Theatre is the best discipline to demonstrate the colour and wealth of the word and human contradictions.

The word that speaks…

The word that speaks to hide…

The word that speaks to deny, and the word that speaks to reveal

Germán A. D’Alessandro.